Serums are a great way to add more active ingredients to your regimen without adding heaviness or greasiness. They are meant to be applied to skin that has been washed and toned. If your skin needs additional moisture after applying a serum, apply a cream moisturizer over it. In the wild, serums are wildly expensive liquids that usually come with a dropper for application. As an autistic person, I have sensory issues with liquid serums, so my serums have more of a gel-cream consistency. Because of this, many of my serums work wonderfully as stand-alone moisturizers. You only need to apply a cream over it if your skin feels dry or tight once the serum has absorbed.

NOTE: I package my serums in airless pump bottles so that the product does not come in contact with air. This allows me to use a milder preservative than I would for a product exposed to air and/or human skin bacteria. Preservatives in products can be very irritating, so by packaging my serums in airless pump bottles, I can reduce the chance that people with sensitive skin will react to my products. Sometimes, an air bubble in the product will cause the bottle to stop dispensing product. In this situation, the best thing to do is to tap the bottle firmly on the counter and then try pumping again. Repeat until you can dispense product.

Let’s look at my serums!

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