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Who is Dr. Jen?

Everyone knows me as Dr. Jen, a moniker I picked up when I had a storefront in Seattle for several years. I am not an MD, I have a PhD in biophysics and biochemistry, hence the ‘Dr’ moniker (tbh, it makes me squirmy to be called Dr outside of a conference or a job interview, but it has caught on, and I can’t stop it now). I did my undergraduate work in pathogenic microbiology. Since 2007, I have been involved in creating skincare and cosmetics products that are safe, but also that work. My focus is on safety and efficacy, not on ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ or whatever other marketing terms for woo bullshit they’re using today. My products have been created and developed by me, and are made by me in my Beauty Lab in weird-ass Rio Rancho, NM.

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GAH! The internet at the Lab has just taken an enormous shit, and now I cannot print shipping labels. Sigh, I guess everything I have packed up will go out tomorrow instead. I’m so sorry! ... See MoreSee Less

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It's the universe telling you to take a break!

Breathe and have a snack!

I keep seeing orders where you’ve bought Five Fruit exfoliating face wash but no other cleanser, and I want you to know that my autistic brain REALLY wants to say something about it. Every order is like ‘OMG ARE THEY ONLY USING FIVE FRUIT?! NOOOOOOOOO!’ 🤣😜😆 ... See MoreSee Less

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I rather like being corrected by my Skincare Mom™️. Anytime you switch something up in the order, your note always explains why you did it. And here I am, a few years later, still a loyal customer. ❤️

Haha. Usually when I do that it’s because I got a bigger bottle of Skin Zen cleanser the last time and it’s not gone yet 😂

I genuinely have learned so much about what to use/avoid from your page. Once my finances are a little more stable, I can't wait to place an order. Thank you for your service 💙 I say this because before your page I absolutely was that person using acids in the incredibly wrong way while also physically exfoliating..... I had a problem okay lol

Sometimes we might run out of items at different times though!

I buy your five fruit but my daily cleanser gets round-robin-ed from whatever I can find at the drug store that's safe. Right now I have been using a first aid beauty cleanser bc it was a gift but idk if it's safe 😬 I forgot to look.

If I were that customer I would appreciate a little card or something in my order with instructions and/or what you recommend for the other days. They probably just don't know. Or maybe they have a regular cleanser that they use, but they wanted to add in an exfoliator.

Maybe a lot of ppl are using a store-brand cleanser 4-5 days per week and 5F is their specialty purchase?

I use another cleanser and get five fruit from you. but I dont exfoliate very often so my five fruit lasts awhile

Lol I'm about to place an order for just that put you at ease I only use it twice a week. I do have a separate cleanser.😉😊💜 #ilistentomyskincaremama

Bahahah I left a note in my last order to tell you I’m only using the Five Fruit maybe once a week! I get cheap, gentler cleansers from the drugstore. I know it’s not ideal, when I’m rich I’ll use your products exclusively

Due to the size I buy I go through the 5 fruit faster than my Calming Cleanser 😅 but that's also because I don't want it sitting on the shelf in my shower forever

Maybe if the cleanser you sell was called "Five Vegetable"? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Dad jokes. You're welcome!

I love that you look out for us like that. I make my own face soap and use the Five Fruit scrub once a week. 😀

Yeah, should at least spread that out with some Calming Facial Cleanser.

You gotta throw in some Skin Zen wash at least!

Nope! I promise I'm using a cleanser without the evil 14 6 days a week.

I am currently using a cleanser from my esthetician, purchased during your break. My skin is so dry that I only wash my face on the evening, so that bottle will last a while. And, also, I won't try any other exfoliating product other than yours!

Literally was looking through search results on your page today trying to figure out if Five Fruit scrub increases sun sensitivity. Since you're here, can you answer this important question pretty please?

Nope. Just still have enough cleanser from my last order.

Feel free to critique my order! I welcome it. Lol.

Thanks for my sample cleanser!! Now I know you were just worried I was scrubbing my face to death. 🤣 I promise I am only using 5 fruit 2-3 times a week.

Nope, just overstocked on the skin zen!

Over exfoliating!! Once a week with 5 Fruit!!

Nope only use it two times a week.

I use it on the body as well!

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Housekeeping Post:
1) If you would like me to check on the status of your order, please include your order number in your message. There are several hundred orders working right now, and without an order number, it will take me forever to find yours. In order to focus on important things like making product and shipping orders, I will not be responding to order inquiries without order numbers.

2. I have temporarily suspended consultations so that I can focus on fulfilling orders. They will come back once I am caught up.

3. I am completely out of Skin Zen Eye Cream jars, so if you have ordered one, it will come in different packaging than you are used to. It is temporary, and as soon as I can get more, I will go back to the silver jars.

4. Now that the weather is warming up, I need to remind you that my products will disintegrate in hot weather. If you know that your mail or UPS carrier leaves your packages outside, and you live somewhere where summer is hot as balls, please let me know so I can put a signature requirement on your order. If your order sits outside and is ruined, I will not be replacing your product, as I am offering to eat the cost of a signature requirement ($5 more for UPS, slightly less for USPS) in order to ensure you receive your order intact.

5. Last one is a question! Have you all been getting your tracking information for your orders? You can see the orders in your accounts? The new process is kind of clunky, but if everyone is getting their info, I’m ok with that.

Ok, I’m off to the boxing/shipping mines! Happy Monday!
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I got 2 emails with tracking numbers and had ordered 2 products in the same order, so it appears to send an email for each product - was no problem for me to get two. 🙂

The order info is very clear! Here's an image of what it looks like when you click on "orders" in your account. Then I'll post what my email looked like that I got when you updated my order the other day as ready to ship. 🙂

I got an email letting me know that you're still working on stuff, and I'm just glad I didn't miss anything. I placed my order before it was balls hot in Arizona, should I try to figure out how to cover for the extra cost for a signature? I'm usually home all day but I'm in a rural area and our mail delivery person isn't the most reliable.

I might need to request that signature requirement because our carrier leaves packages in the sun, happy to cover the cost though.

I received an email with tracking information when my order shipped.

I did not get an email with info on my order. It was exciting when I got it though ! Thanks for the extra surprise product samples 😍

I was able to see my order status in my account and I love this!! I love being able to go back there and check in and not have to bug you. Once it was shipped I could see the tracking info and watch the package from there. I found it easy.

I received an email with tracking info so it worked for my order!

Got tracking as well! Oh, did you want us to start saving the metal jars, washing them out, and popping them over to you?

Do I just leave a comment when I'm purchasing? I haven't been to the new site yet. I live in Satan's gyms shorts (Texas) my mail isn't left in direct sunlight but it is left in what is essentially a small oven (mail boxes off property)

I did receive the tracking info. when my last order shipped. Thanks!

Oh boy, I did not add that on my order when I placed it on the 16th of April, nor did I do that for the one placed on the 20th, also of April. I haven't received any sort of tracking number or anything--one order was done logged into my account, the other one wasn't because I was having problems logging in, but I still have that order number. I'm assuming mine just hasn't been gotten to yet, or it's further down the cue. I can be pretty vigilant though if I've made the error. I know our mail person pretty well and she always shows up at the same time, so I can just wake up early on the day it's set to arrive and grab it.

Yes, I got tracking information!

I haven’t checked. I like to be surprised, because then it’s like Christmas. 😂

I haven’t received anything as of yet…

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Me: I can’t drink this fancy orange fizzy water out of the can, it’s too fancy!

Also me: Damn, I don’t have any glasses here at the lab.

#wemetricfancy #beakerchic
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Me: I can’t drink this fancy orange fizzy water out of the can, it’s too fancy!

Also me: Damn, I don’t have any glasses here at the lab.  

#wemetricfancy #beakerchic

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What you need is some cheap sparkling white wine to dump in that. 😘👌🥂

Took me too long. I thought the can was the too fancy part. 😂 But also, metal is probably too strong of a taste for this beverage.

I had these for my wedding glasses 😂

How to fix it: drink a bit (or a lot) from the can, replace with vodka to tone down the flavor, swirl can to mix, continue drinking from can!

Oh. That stuff is so good. I would have brought you a cup if I were feeling more social and like wearing shoes.

I was hoping for something bougey like a graduated cylinder!! 😜😄

Or some vodka!!

Oooh San Pellegrino. The good stuff!

The blood orange one is soo good.

So fab!

Yum yum

Try the prickly pear one. It’s good


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SAME!!!!! 🤪🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

SAME!!!!! 🤪🤣

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I hate voicemail as much as anyone, but as a healthcare practitioner, it’s really annoying when patients don’t listen to the messages we leave them, or don’t have it set up, or it’s full. Then they get mad when we “didn’t call.”

Text transcript of my voicemail has literally changed my life because I would also avoid voicemails 🤣

That’s why I just keep my voicemail full and the greeting redirects them to text, email, or website 🤣🤣🤣

This is the truth.

I can't understand why ppl bother to leave voicemails for ANYONE at this point unless it's a business number. I delete them without listening.

Or put it in an email.

Me too

Tamra Rowan not the voicemail!!


I feel personally attacked by this relatable content, damn

Mary Van Such



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Mood af today. ... See MoreSee Less

Mood af today.

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Put your favorite mood boosting song on ... dance a little and then get back to please the rest of us with your amazing products.

Whew, solidarity in the struggle! I wonder if there an astrological explanation for everything and everyone blowing up today??

It’s Friday the 13th.

Saving for later…

Same ❤️


Every day!

Dude yes.

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