Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by large pores, shiny skin with breakouts, and trouble keeping makeup from sliding off. When dealing with oily skin, your regimen should include products that 1) exfoliate; 2) kill bacteria; and 3) are anti-inflammatory. Avoid harsh anti-acne face washes, ‘oil free’ products, and silicone-heavy products like primer and foundation. The harsh face washes will send your skin into the stripping/overproducing oil situation. ‘Oil free’ products merely substitute silicone for oil in formulas. Silicones, like those in ‘oil free’ products, primers, and foundation products, are occlusive, meaning they sit on the skin’s surface rather than being absorbed. If your skin is oily and you cover it in silicone, you can expect breakouts, as the oil in your skin will be trapped under that silicone.

The most important thing you can do to help your oily skin be more manageable is to exfoliate properly. ONCE a day, every other day, is the most you should be exfoliating. The rest of the time, you should be using a mild, lotion-based, anti-inflammatory face wash. You should use BHAs like salicylic acid to exfoliate; or, alternatively, you can use BHAs for one day of exfoliation and physical or AHAs for the next exfoliation day. Just make sure you aren’t going too far and stripping your skin.

The regimen I suggest for oily skin is as follows: WASH: Use Calming Cleanser or Skin Zen cleanser as your main face wash. Every other day, once a day, switch it out for the Anti-Acne face wash (or do Anti-Acne face wash once then Five Fruit two days later). TONE: Any of my toners will be great for oily skin; MOISTURIZE: EYE: You can use any of my eye creams; SERUM: Mattifying Serum, Skin Zen Serum, Barrier Repair Serum

NOTE: In summer months, your oily skin may not be able to handle moisturizing during the day, even with super-light serums like Skin Zen. I suggest not applying anything after the toner step and saving the serums for night, when it will be less hot. Also, if you get shiny during the day, dust some Setting Powder on to keep it in check.