Normal Skin

Normal skin types are characterized by small pores, an even skin tone, being not too dry or too oily, and a radiant complexion. Taking care of normal skin is pretty straightforward. Here’s a sample regimen:

WASH: You only need to wash your face once a day unless you exercise vigorously or do sporty things. Your main cleanser should be mild and lotion-based, making Calming Cleanser perfect for you. Once a week, switch to Five Fruit exfoliating face wash to remove dead skin buildup. If you notice you are breaking out, try exfoliating twice a week.

TONE: Spritz on any of my toners and either wipe it off with a cotton round or let it air-dry. No witch hazel, activated charcoal, or glycolic acid in your toner.

EYE: You can use New 20 Eye Cream for anti-aging and moisturizing; Skin Zen Eye Cream for soothing and reducing irritation in the eye area; Hydro-Bomb Eye Cream for super dry skin; and No Baggage Eye Gel to wake up tired eyes by reducing puffiness and dark circles.

SERUM: You can use any of my serums.

MOISTURIZER: If you feel you need a cream moisturizer, I suggest either New 20, Skin Tight, Skin Zen, Formulator’s Choice, or Blurring moisturizers.