Who is Dr. Jen?

Everyone knows me as Dr. Jen, a moniker I picked up when I had a storefront in Seattle for several years. I am not an MD, I have a PhD in biophysics and biochemistry, hence the ‘Dr’ moniker (tbh, it makes me squirmy to be called Dr outside of a conference or a job interview, but it has caught on, and I can’t stop it now). I did my undergraduate work in pathogenic microbiology. Since 2007, I have been involved in creating skincare and cosmetics products that are safe, but also that work. My focus is on safety and efficacy, not on ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ or whatever other marketing terms for woo bullshit they’re using today. My products have been created and developed by me, and are made by me in my Beauty Lab in weird-ass Rio Rancho, NM.