My face when I run across a thread in which an industry professional is telling people they need to start using anti-aging skincare products in their 20s. Here’s the deal: anti-aging products are created to thwart the skin’s aging process. This process of skin aging is not occurring in 20-something skin. In your 20s, your skin’s collagen production is doing just fine-so why do you need to spend $$$$ on retinol-containing products (retinol stimulates collagen production)? 20-something skin is not prone to wrinkles because it is not old enough to create wrinkles, so why buy expensive anti-wrinkle products if you don’t need them? Let me state this clearly and unequivocally: YOU CANNOT PREVENT YOUR SKIN FROM AGING BY USING ANTI-AGING SHIT IN YOUR 20s. If the processes that occur during skin aging are not occurring BECAUSE YOU’RE A GD BABY, anti-aging products have nothing to work upon, and you are wasting your money.

The best way to ‘prevent’ skin aging is to be religious about sunscreen use, don’t smoke cigarettes, and use an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory moisturizer. Save your money for more important shit, like rent, bills, a vacation, or even your bar tab. Do not believe the bullshit the nice people who get paid to part you from your money tell you. #themoreyouknow

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