Now that fall is here, and it’s getting colder, you may notice that your summertime skincare regimen isn’t enough, and your skin feels drier than normal. This is a normal thing that happens with your skin in fall/winter. Here are some tips on how to up your moisturizing game now that seasons are changing:

*Oily/combo skin-having people, it does NOT mean your skin is now dry. It means your oily skin is dehydrated, so you should use a cream moisturizer that contains oils and butters appropriate for your oily/combo skin type. (Creams are always more moisturizing than serums or lotions.) For those of you that are clients, it means using City Skin night cream (oil control, anti-aging), Skin Tight, or even very sparingly, Skin Zen night cream. The problem with using New 20 products with this skin type is that New 20 products are made for dry skin, not dehydrated oily skin, and contain highly moisturizing and occlusive ingredients, because dry skin needs that, oily or combo skin does not. It will simply over-moisturize and promote breakouts.

*Sensitive skin-having people, you are going to need to use heavier creams as well. If your skin is super-sensitive, or you have rosacea, the additional dryness that comes with fall/winter can have dramatic effects on your skin if you don’t stay on top of moisturizing. The drier skin is, the less it is an effective barrier to protect you from irritation or infection. Rosacea flareups will happen, and you may find that your skin becomes red and painful. You want to use products that contain anti-inflammatory actives, as well as barrier-restoring actives like ceramides and hyaluronic acid. For those of you that are clients, I would have you use Barrier Repair Serum with Skin Zen Night Cream over it, even during the day if your skin needs it. Using Skin Zen face wash will also help.

*Dry skin-having people, you want to use the mildest possible cleanser and add in a cream if you aren’t already using one. I suggest a serum containing moisturizing factors like ceramides and hyaluronic acid followed by a cream that is richly moisturizing and occlusive, and then a silicone-based primer over that for more protection. For those of you that are clients, I suggest Barrier Repair under Skin Zen Night Cream (day) or New 20 Night Cream (night), with Optimus Primer over it if you’re going outside.

It is best to incorporate these changes now, rather than waiting until your skin starts hurting and peeling (said in my best Skincare Mom voice). Happy moisturizing! #themoreyouknow

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