Okay, I’m about to turn into a shipping tornado, so I wanted to finish my rant about cleansers. I promised to discuss why Dr. Bronner’s/castile soap and baking soda have no gd business being on your skin (face OR body, but especially not your face).

Your skin has this super-cool mechanism to protect you from infection and environmental irritants called your moisture barrier. This is a protective layer formed by your skin that is comprised of skin cells, lipids, and natural moisturizing factors. If your skin is properly cared for, the barrier is intact, and protects you from irritants. But the coolest part is how it protects you from infection! The skin’s resting pH is acidic, usually between pH 3-4. Any organisms that are able to colonize skin at the acidic pH die instantly when they reach deeper skin layers and the bloodstream, where the pH is neutral.

Dr. Bronner’s and other castile soaps, as well as baking soda, have a very high pH, usually around 9. When these are used on skin, they destroy the moisture barrier. When this happens, your skin becomes dry and sensitive, sometimes even developing eczema or hives. Sadly, it seems like many ‘natural’ places are selling castile soap face and body washes, so please be aware that these are not what you need.

Here’s some tea: your skin does not EVER need to have a degreaser like SLS or castile soap applied to it. Period. You are damaging your skin and creating a world of skin problems for yourself by using them. Calm TF down and use a mild, non-SLS-containing cleanser, and I promise you will see a huge improvement in your skin. Save the degreasers for your dishes and floors. #themoreyouknow

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