You may have noticed that none of my eye creams have fragrance added to them. This is because fragrance is one of the major causes of skin reactions (preservatives are another). The difficulty when dealing with fragrance oils is that the company making them does not have to disclose the ingredients, because the blend of aromatics is proprietary. I am lucky enough to have found a supplier that is willing to tell me if certain chemicals are NOT there, so I can be reasonably sure that they are safe. However, even ‘safe’ fragrance oils and essential oils can still cause a reaction on skin. For that reason, plus the years of having burning eyes from using scented eye creams, I don’t put any scent into eye products. Because my eye creams are unscented, they are safe to apply all over the eye area, not just under and around it.

Your eye area is very very delicate, unsupported by the skull, with very thin skin. It is important to keep your eye area happy and healthy in order to keep it from going wrinkly and crepey prematurely. By adding a potential irritant like fragrance to eye creams, formulators run the risk of creating an inflammatory response in the eye area, which leads to premature aging of the skin at best, and may even land you in the dermatologist’s office.

While we are talking about the eye area and keeping it healthy, I want to warn you not to use ANY facial cleanser (even mine) on that area. Surfactants in cleansers can be irritating and are often very harsh, so they strip needed moisture from the eye area. Remember, irritation leads to inflammation, which leads to premature aging of skin. Use an eye-specific makeup remover like my Ultra Gentle EyeMakeup Remover for every day makeup removal, or my Happy Ending makeup remover for waterproof or heavy makeup.

Finally, I want to warn you not to hoard eye creams. If you only apply the teeniest bit of eye cream, you will not get the benefit of the active ingredients, because they won’t be concentrated enough to do anything. Similarly, keeping your eye cream around for months means that after a certain period of time, any botanical extracts, proteins, or peptide actives will have degraded, leaving only a cream base. While this won’t hurt your eyes, it also won’t do anything for your eye area issues.

Okay, back to the skincare mines I go! Gotta make all the things! #themoreyouknow

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