When I talk about the beauty industry and how they are motivated by profit, not product quality or effectiveness, I always think about this infographic. All the brands listed here are owned by mega-corporations, and thus, are formulating solely to maximize profit. They routinely use irritating and sometimes dangerous ingredients because there are no laws or regulatory agencies that can stop them. The last federal law passed regarding beauty product safety was passed in 1938. The FDA ONLY gets involved AFTER the product has hit the market and loads of customers complain, and even then, the agency lacks the power to force companies to recall dangerous products. (An example of this is when they found asbestos in children’s cosmetics and asked the company to recall them and the company said no.) The result of this multi-billion dollar a year industry going unregulated is that your products will often contain dangerous ingredients like talc, they will contain known irritants because they are cheaper to use, they will be loaded with conditioners to make your skin feel soft so you believe the products are working, and if you happen to get sick or die from using these products, you will face years of expensive litigation against an army of lawyers. I have had conversations with many clients who have a hard time believing that ALL commercial products are shitty, despite them having tried multiple products from multiple brands and finding them to be shitty. This is the reason why. The industry knows how to make you feel bad about your appearance so you will buy their products. They know that if they put a shitty product in a cute bottle or jar, you’ll buy it. They know that if they charge a bazillion dollars for shitty product (cough..La Mer…cough), you will buy it for the status it gives you, regardless of the quality of the product. The beauty industry has your number, and is exploiting your insecurities for profit.

Part of the reason I post so much ‘how-to’ info for your skin is to help you break free from this manipulation. I want you to know how to care for your skin so you don’t get swindled by these companies. I want you to see a $90 vitamin c serum and say to yourself, ‘Vitamin C is notorious for being unstable in formulas, and the oxidized form can damage my skin, so I think I’ll keep my $90.’ I want you to know that you can’t prevent aging by using anti-aging products in your 20s, so when some beauty counter employee tells you to buy expensive anti-aging products in your 20s, you can smile and walk away, knowing that the salesperson was just trying to take your money. I hope that by educating you on the care and feeding of your skin, I can help you to be empowered to make good skincare purchases and avoid the scams. ❤️#themoreyouknow

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