Skincare for Trans/NonBinary People PT 2 – Transfeminine SkinCare

It’s time for Part 2 of my Skincare For Trans People post! We discussed skincare for trans men in my previous post, so it’s time to talk about skincare for the ladies and nonbinary folks who are taking estrogen, spironolactone, etc. If you are taking estrogen or spironolactone, you may notice that your skin changes. […]

Skincare for Trans/NonBinary People PT 1

Today, my posts are for the trans and non-binary folks out there. I have worked with many many trans people, helping them to understand what is going on with their skin and how to deal with it, and I want to share that info here. Please share with your trans friends who may have skincare questions? Thanks! […]

Summer Skincare: Short & Sweet

It’s summer, so it’s time to remind you to check your sunscreen products for the chemical sunscreens oxybenzone and avobenzone. Do not buy products with either of these in them, and if you have products containing them, stop using the products. Avobenzone reacts with chlorine to form a cancer-causing compound, so that makes going to […]

Fun Facts: Inflammation

Fun fact: inflammation presents as red, dry, scaly patches on your skin. It will not go away with exfoliation, and is caused by your skin encountering an irritant or infectious agent, which kick-starts the inflammation process. The best way to get rid of these patches is to reduce inflammation using a topical product containing anti-inflammatory […]

Exfoliating for Combination/Oily Skin

Good morning! Based on various messages and comments I’ve seen, I think my rants against overexfoliating have caused some of you to stop exfoliating altogether. I cannot emphasize enough how important exfoliation is for combination/oily skin. You cannot control your breakouts without exfoliating. My intention was never to make you stop exfoliating. Rather, it was […]

Mario Badescu Skin Care & Other Dirty 13 Products

Buckle up folks, I’m gonna get ranty! I was doing a web search for glycolic acid-containing face washes so I could get a sense of what concentrations of glycolic are being used. Unfortunately, before I got too far in my search, this face wash popped up, and now I’m flipping tables in the lab. A […]

Truth About the Beauty Industry: Profit Over Effectiveness

When I talk about the beauty industry and how they are motivated by profit, not product quality or effectiveness, I always think about this infographic. All the brands listed here are owned by mega-corporations, and thus, are formulating solely to maximize profit. They routinely use irritating and sometimes dangerous ingredients because there are no laws […]

Your Oily Skin is Also Dry? Welcome to ‘Schrodinger’s Skin”

Is your skin oily but also dry? I hear this all the time from folks who write me for skincare advice. I have dubbed it ‘Schrodinger’s Skin’ cause I’m a weirdo like that, lol. Quantum theory jokes aside, there is no world in which your skin type is both oily and dry. Your skin type […]

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser

Someone posted this product on a thread last week, and said that their relative who had rosacea had purchased this, and asked if I thought it was okay for them. I decided to post and rant, in hopes that those of you with rosacea will find it helpful. First of all, it’s important to understand […]

Exfoliation: Part 2

It feels weird to be talking about normal stuff after yesterday, but I’m gonna power through. Yesterday, we talked about exfoliation, what it is, how to do it, etc. I focused on oily skin in that post, because exfoliation is critical when dealing with acne. Today, I want to address exfoliation for folks with normal, […]