It’s summer, so it’s time to remind you to check your sunscreen products for the chemical sunscreens oxybenzone and avobenzone. Do not buy products with either of these in them, and if you have products containing them, stop using the products. Avobenzone reacts with chlorine to form a cancer-causing compound, so that makes going to a pool pretty dicey. Oxybenzone irritated the skin of 70% of the participants during testing. Irritation generates inflammation in skin, which can damage the skin, leading to issues like rosacea and premature aging. Additionally, both sunscreens enter the bloodstream in a dose-dependent manner, and no one knows what they are capable of doing once they are in the blood.

Avobenzone and oxybenzone will be listed on the label under Active Ingredients. They may be present in sunscreens, foundations, moisturizers, and even setting sprays. Again, make sure you avoid purchasing products containing these sunscreens. Stay safe! ❤️Skincare Mom

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  1. THANK YOU from the bottom of my melanin-deprived … heart? Skin!
    A very pale, salamander girl with genes from northern Europe

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