Happy ‘You Survived Xmas’ Day! I get asked a lot about what order to use products in. And while I could tell you the answer in one sentence, I believe that telling you WHY I say things should be used in a certain order is pretty important. I looked for a cute infographic, but that made me hostile, so thought experiment it is. Here we go!
5) MOISTURIZER (lotion b4 cream)

To understand why things should be applied in this order, let’s pretend that you live in a lovely home with a pool. You have decided to leave your emotionally distant, but very rich husband after you learn he’s been cheating on you with a 20 year old. You start throwing his belongings out the window into the pool.

Now, pretend your freshly washed, then toned face is the pool. There is nothing standing between the expensive watches and jewelry you are throwing and the pool. They fly right into the water, no problem. Serums are like the watches and jewelry-their ingredients are small, so they soak right in. Plus, your face is clean, and free of other products.

After you finish with the jewelry and watches/serum, you move on to his shoes and clothing. As you toss more and more of this shitbag’s clothing into the pool, the items form a layer on top of the pool, with only a few spots of open water showing. The clothing is your moisturizer. It contains larger oils and butters, so it forms a layer on the surface of the skin, preventing access to smaller actives and oils.

Finally, you decide you can’t lift his cars and throw them in the pool, so you move on to his office, where you grab all of his important papers and some expensive art. You chuck those into the pool, and they cover up the remaining open spots on the pool’s surface. Now there is no water showing, because the entire surface of the pool is covered in your cheating man’s stuff. This layer seals in all the other stuff at the bottom of the pool. This is your sunscreen layer.

Now, imagine trying to go out of order. What if you threw the jewelry and watches in after the clothing? It isn’t hard to see that these would likely be stuck on top of clothing items rather than in the pool. It’s the same with trying to apply serums on top of moisturizers. The serum and its actives can’t penetrate the layer of moisturizer because the large oils and butters in the moisturizer are blocking the way. If you apply sunscreen, then a moisturizer, it’s the same situation. The sunscreen has covered the entire skin surface with a difficult to penetrate layer, and so, none of the benefits of your moisturizer will be obtained, because nothing can get through the sunscreen barrier.

NOTE: This is one reason why I am not super into cleansing oils. They’re presented as an alternative to regular face washes, but they are not a good option unless you have no other choice. Depending on the formula, the oils you ‘cleanse’ with may be forming a layer on your skin that prevents the rest of your products from penetrating, just like the shoes and clothes floating in the pool. This renders every product you apply afterwards useless. You are far better off using a mild, lotion-based cleanser that won’t leave a barrier on the skin that prevents your products from working.

It’s not the best example, and I took a few liberties with assuming things would float and not sink immediately, but I’m sure you can pick up on the point, bad metaphor notwithstanding. 😆 To properly take care of your skin, it’s important to understand these basic principles, and to use product accordingly. By understanding how products are meant to work, it’s less stressful when choosing and using them.

Still trying to figure out what product corresponds to soaking his clothes in gasoline and lighting them on fire in the pool. I’ll get back to you on that one. 🤣#themoreyouknow

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