Rachet Hands Dirty Hands Pre-Wash

Rachet Hands Dirty Hands Pre-Wash


I struck up a conversation with the mechanic working on my car, and he was telling me how his hands are always cracked and bleeding because of the super harsh cleansers he has to use to get all the dirt and grease off his hands. He even showed me the ingredient list on one of them…(shudders). Needless to say, I was disturbed enough to start noodling on an answer. I came up with Rachet Hands, a ‘pre-wash’ product to use immediately before washing with a hand wash product. A blend of lightweight jojoba butter and oil, plus some teeny beads for extra help lifting dirt and grime, Rachet Hands will get a serious amount of gunk off of your hands while also protecting your skin from harsh cleansers. Simply rub it in, wipe your hands off on a paper towel, and then wash them as you would normally. Works like magic, but it’s just science.


INGREDIENTS: jojoba butter, jojoba castor beads, jojoba oil, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol



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