Consult with Dr. Jen

Consult with Dr. Jen



Do you need help figuring out what your skin needs? Are you super confused about products, ingredients, etc? Do you need someone to read your product labels for you? Say no more, here comes Dr. Jen! Consults are now available for booking! In the past, consults were free, and if I could clone myself, they would be free forever, but in order to offer them with this much regularity, I need to charge for them. I believe the $25 fee is acceptable, as I have allotted one hour per consult.

Here are the rules and regs!
1) If you book a consult and cannot make it, you must let me know 24h in advance in order to get a refund. If you cancel with less than 24h before your consult, you will forfeit the $$.
2) When you book, please leave your phone number when you check out, as that is how I will contact you.
3) We have one hour to talk about your skin, but it is still a good idea to have any products, questions, comments, etc ready to go at the time we’ve agreed to chat.
4) If you MUST do a video call, let me know, but please don’t make me do this unless it is imperative that we be able to see each other. My autistic self gets really overwhelmed by video calls, but I will do it if necessary.

Can’t wait to chat with you!!!!!!

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