Happy Friday! I thought I would talk to you about dry skin, since it’s winter, and we’re all suffering with it. There is a common misconception that oil or oil-based products will alleviate dry skin, and I wanted to explain why that’s not the case.

Your skin’s top layer is known as the strateum corneum, and serves to protect you from the environment. As shown in the photo, it’s structure is similar to that of a brick and mortar wall, with the ‘bricks’ made up of corneocytes, which contain Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs). NMFs include amino acids, lactic acid, sodium PCA, various sugars and minerals, and peptides, and serve to pull moisture into the cell and hold it there. The ‘mortar’ is made up of lipids, which surround the corneocytes, and provide elasticity and flexibility of the ‘wall.’ Under normal conditions, the strateum corneum is capable of repairing itself, and dealing with environmental stressors. However, some stressors, like low humidity and/or cleansers can strip the lipids from the stratum corneum and weaken the corneocytes. When this happens, the skin becomes less elastic, and less protective. The exfoliation process is disrupted, causing flakes to form. Additionally, the corneocytes do not develop properly, causing immature ones that are not able to protect from the environment as efficiently to reach the skin’s surface.

While oils/lipids are one component of the system that comprises healthy skin, they are not the only one, and thus, coating yourself in oil-based products will only do so much for your dry skin. In addition to replenishing lost lipids, it is necessary to also replenish the NMFs, and boost barrier function in order to repair dry skin. Only a combination of all three will be effective long-term.

When I set out to create my Hydro-Bomb line, I used actives that attack the cause of dry skin from all angles. There are rich, deeply moisturizing oils like shea and avocado butters, as well as NMFs and humectants to provide needed water to skin cells, and finally, ceramides and actives to act as a ‘seal’ to prevent moisture loss. That’s why the Hydro-Bomb products are so effective at providing lasting moisture to your skin.

This has been another edition of #themoreyouknow, lol.

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