I am really proud of my state’s politicians atm. We got a Dem majority in 2018, and in a short time, they’ve been pushing hard to get more $$ into social programs, they are trying hard to pull us out of the bottom of the pile in education, and now, suing J&J over their contaminated talc, which they (correctly) point out was aggressively marketed to black and brown people, which is 48% of our state.

“These products have been targeted at minority groups, especially Black and Hispanic women and children, with false messages about their safety, and I will hold these companies accountable,” says NM Atty General Hector Balderas.

For those of you unaware of the danger posed by talc, it is frequently contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen. In 2020, in the US, you can’t have asbestos in your home building materials because of the cancer risk, but we women can have it in our vaginal powders, eyeshadows, blushes, face powders, lipsticks, baby powder, and talcum powder. The best part? THEY’VE KNOWN ABOUT THIS SINCE THE MID-1960s. 😡

“By the mid-1960s scientists began to study talc products repeatedly and, over the next several decades, found cancer-causing contaminants, including fibers that cause asbestosis, a disease of the lung. But the companies and others tied to the industry worked to keep that information from getting to the public, the suit states.

The suit states that between 1970 and the 1990s, the company-supported scientists conducted tests which showed that talc and talcum powder products contain asbestos but that information was not shared with regulatory agencies and the studies only became known through civil litigation. In 1971, independent scientists conducted a study that was the first to make a connection between contaminants in talc and ovarian cancer, according to the suit.”

I want you all to absorb the fact that even after J&J learned of the contamination, they continued to aggressively market their talc-containing products to women, SPECIFICALLY TARGETING BLACK AND BROWN WOMEN. I know I go hard on the industry, but this is why. When I tell you companies care only about their profit margins and not the people using their products, this is a perfect example. This is why I rant swearily at you for using products containing the Dirty 13. To these companies, you are a number on a spreadsheet. They do not and will not ever care about your health. Only YOU can protect yourself by learning what to avoid in products, and only purchasing safe ones. #themoreyouknow

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