I promise this is not going to be an edu-rant™️, lol. I wanted to talk about your makeup. I was about to fall asleep last night when some commercial for some brand of CC Cream came on, and this woman with rosacea was using it to cover up her red cheeks, and now I have to post about foundations and BB/CC Creams and rosacea.

A little while ago, I mentioned that rosacea is a condition where inflammation plays a major role. Long-term inflammation causes changes to the underlying tissue, and after enough damage has been done, you see rosacea symptoms appear. The redness, irritation, and bumps are all symptoms of inflammation. (Important to the conversation around inflammation in skin is the concept that anything that irritates your skin will generate inflammation as a response.)

You may be wondering how your skin experienced so much irritation that it changed the tissue itself. Imma tell you-it most likely came from your products. Even products that don’t cause visible signs of irritation can be irritating it and contributing to the underlying changes that lead to rosacea. It is a fact that silicones are irritating to skin. It is also a fact that most companies use high concentrations of silicones in foundation and BB/CC Creams because silicone can carry a ton of pigment in it. Every time you slather that shit on your face, you are irritating your skin, causing inflammation, and either inching closer to rosacea, or exacerbating what you have. It makes me twitchy when my clients use my Skin Zen skincare for their rosacea, but continue to use silicone-based foundation products, because I know the makeup is undoing the good from the skincare.

Make no mistake, silicones are not the only ingredients that irritate skin and cause inflammation. Most surfactants (cleansers) are irritating, so much so that sometimes they add numbing agents so you won’t feel it. Chemical sunscreens are VERY irritating, and are often part of the silicone-laden formula for foundations and BB/CC Creams. The list goes on and on. I’m not telling you to throw away your foundations, but I am telling you to be aware that makeup can be irritating, and that no amount of Skin Zen will take away all the inflammation caused by these products. Having the information will allow you to make more informed choices about what goes on your skin, and to do your best to reduce the number of irritants that come in contact with your skin. #themoreyouknow #onlyoneswearword

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