I generally try to do a post on a subject after I get lots of email questions about it, so today we’re going to talk about hyperpigmentation. I do not make or sell any products for hyperpigmentation because topicals simply do not work. In order to ‘reduce’ hyperpigmentation topically, you need to use pigment blockers that will lighten hyperpigmentation, but they must be used super-religiously, and their effect wears off as soon as you stop using them; you need to be getting regular chemical peels from an esthetician; and you must become vampire-like to avoid the sun, using sunscreen like it’s your job. All three of these will still only reduce it a wee bit, and as soon as you stop, it will come back. There may be more aggressive techniques available from a dermatologist or medspa, but topicals are just taking your money and doing nothing. That is why I don’t sell anything for hyperpigmentation, because I’m focused on creating products that work. Honestly, buy yourself a $10 concealer, and that will do more to hide your hyperpigmentation than spending the rest of your life buying sunscreen and pigment blockers. Don’t believe the hype, there is no magic topical that will get rid of dark spots. #themoreyouknow

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  1. What causes hyperpigmentation? I was told the hyperpigmentation around my neck may be from a pre diabetes condition- can you speak to that!

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