Someone posted this product on a thread last week, and said that their relative who had rosacea had purchased this, and asked if I thought it was okay for them. I decided to post and rant, in hopes that those of you with rosacea will find it helpful.

First of all, it’s important to understand that rosacea is a condition that occurs due to long-term inflammation-induced damage to the tissue, which results in redness, sensitivity, and even pimply-looking lesions. So if you are suffering from rosacea, the lifetime of irritating products, too-harsh cleansers, etc. has damaged your skin to the point that it is red and irritated all the time. You should be babying your skin, not using harsh products on it. You may not even be able to exfoliate if your rosacea is bad enough. This is why I always have my clients with rosacea use Skin Zen and Barrier Repair products. Skin Zen products reduce inflammation, while Barrier Repair helps restore your protective moisture barrier, which will protect your skin from environmental irritants and pathogens. (NOTE: if you are dealing with the Demadex rosacea, you still need these products, but also a prescription for (I believe) ivermectin.)

Okay, now that you understand that rosacea skin is delicate and easily irritated, let’s look at this mask our rosacea-having human bought. First off, no matter what your skin type, you do not need to be ‘deep pore cleansing’ every day. So f**k them and their marketing. Anyway, if you have rosacea, you should run very fast away from ANYTHING that claims to be ‘pore cleaning.’ Why, you ask? Because that term refers to products that are able to enter the pore and remove its contents. If your rosacea skin is oily, a case could be made for using this product on the areas of your face that are not inflamed, but if your rosacea skin is not incredibly oily, all something like this is going to do is dry your skin out, making it MORE prone to rosacea flareups.

Now let’s look at the ingredients. Keep in mind that ingredients are listed in order of descending concentration, so the ingredients at the top of the list are present in the highest concentrations. See how the 4th ingredient is denatured alcohol? That is rubbing alcohol, and it’s the 4th most prevalent ingredient in the formula. Can you imagine slathering rubbing alcohol all over your rosacea breakouts? Yikes! The alcohol is very drying, which is not a problem for oily skin folks, but for everyone else, it is. Dry skin is damaged skin, and so is rosacea skin, and combining the two is going to make you miserable. Rosacea skin is already highly reactive-drying it out will only make it worse. Next, let’s look at coco betaine, a bit further down the list. Coco betaine is a surfactant, or cleansing agent. It is a fairly strong one, so it will do more stripping of moisture from the skin than other, more mild surfactants. So now there is rubbing alcohol and a strong surfactant being applied to highly irritated rosacea skin and drying it out even more. Now look toward the bottom: see salicylic acid? That is a chemical exfoliant, a beta hydroxy acid. SA is oil-soluble, so it is able to enter the pore and remove its contents. This ingredient should not be applied to any skin that isn’t oily. It will strip necessary moisture from your skin. So this cleanser that is supposed to be used daily has at least 3 ingredients that are drying to skin. NONE of these should be touching rosacea skin. (I mean, real talk, nobody should use this cleanser every day) It will simply dry out the skin, making it more prone to irritation, and thus, rosacea flareups.

So do yourself a favor, those of you with rosacea, and walk the f**k away from anything that says ‘deep pore cleansing.’ Stay away from beta hydroxy acids, drying surfactants, and rubbing alcohol. Treat your skin very gently, using fragrance free products that are super mild and anti-inflammatory. Use a moisturizer with ceramides and natural moistuizing factors like Barrier Repair. Being gentle with your skin will do more to help your rosacea than anything else. #themoreyouknow

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