If you have dry skin, and it seems like every product you try isn’t moisturizing enough, you may not be exfoliating properly. Even the driest of skin needs help getting rid of dead skin buildup. If you have gotten to the point where no products keep you moisturized, you may need to book an appt with an esthetician to get a chemical peel. A peel is simply a VERY strong chemical exfoliant, and because it’s extra-strength, it will get rid of way more dead skin than any at-home exfoliation product. DO NOT DO YOUR OWN CHEMICAL PEEL. I swear, I will get in my car with my animals and drive to where you are to mom-voice you, and then I will let Pjörk tell you what’s up, and trust me, you do not want that, especially after she’s been stuck in the car for days. You want this done with professional supervision.

Once you have eliminated dead skin buildup, you can exfoliate on your own to prevent that from happening again. Use either physical (microbeads, etc) or chemical (glycolic or lactic acid) exfoliants to do so, whichever you and your skin prefer. You should exfoliate once a week for dry skin. This will really help with the dryness. #themoreyouknow

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