Let’s talk about foundation! When you buy a commercially available foundation, it usually consists of pigment blended into a silicone base. Silicones are able to carry lots of pigment, plus, they sit on the surface of the skin, allowing for endless blending opportunities. That said, silicones do have a few issues I feel you should be aware of. First, they can be irritating. I’ve talked about the irritation/inflammation cycle before-when your skin gets irritated (even if you can’t feel it), inflammation occurs. Long-term inflammation causes changes in the skin. These changes have been linked to rosacea. So it’s possible that you are sensitizing your skin unknowingly by using products containing skin irritants. Another issue with silicones is that they are occlusive. Your silicone-based foundation sits on top of your skin because it won’t soak in. The silicones form a barrier on your skin, which is super if you have dry skin, but can be a problem for folks with oily skin. If you’ve ever broken out after wearing makeup many days in a row, this is probably why. Silicone-based primers and foundations will trap all that oil your skin is producing, and you may experience breakouts.

I am definitely one of those people who are sensitive to silicones. When I set out to create foundations, I was adamant that they should not feel like a mask on your face, or be irritating. This led me to depart from traditional foundation formulas, and to make foundations without silicone or mineral oil bases. My liquid foundation is lotion-based, while my stick foundation is almond oil-based. As a result, even in a full face of heavy makeup, it will feel light as air.

I have gotten comments from folks who had trouble blending my liquid foundation, and felt that it was too ‘dry’ to blend properly with a beauty blender. This is absolutely true. Because it is lotion-based, it is not going to sit on the skin’s surface. It will soak in and deposit pigment on the skin’s surface. A kabuki brush is better for blending them than a beauty blender. Also, because it is lotion-based, my liquid foundation maxes out at medium coverage, since lotion can’t carry as much pigment as silicones. If you want more coverage, try mixing some of my Spackle foundation with the liquid.

Of course, if you prefer a silicone-based foundation, that is totally fine. Just be aware that you may experience irritation and/or breakouts, and be sure to treat your skin accordingly. I just wanted there to be a non-silicone option in foundations for those of us who are sensitive. #themoreyouknow

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