Dr. Jen’s tips on face washing:

1) NO BAKING SODA, CASTILE SOAP, BAR SOAP, or SUPER HIGH PH CLEANSERS. All of these products are extremely basic (in the high pH sense, not the Karen wearing Uggs drinking Starbucks way), and will destroy your skin’s protective moisture barrier. This leaves your skin open to irritation and infection. The high pH strips skin’s natural moisturizing factors and leaves skin overly dry. Dry skin is damaged skin, and cannot act as a barrier to protect you from the environment.

2) NO SQUEAKY CLEAN. JUST NO. If your skin feels ‘squeaky clean’ after washing it, you have effectively stripped your skin of its NMFs (natural moisturizing factors). Your skin has become too dry. If your skin was oily before the squeaky clean, stripping it will simply tell your skin to overproduce oil to make up for what was lost. If your skin was dry before the squeaky clean, get ready for sensitive, eczema-prone, prematurely aged skin.

3) NO FACE WASH ON YOUR EYES. The eye area has the thinnest, most delicate skin on the whole face, plus, it is not supported by bones. This means that repeated tugging from makeup application, years in the sun, and washing with soaps will cause more dramatic changes to the area than other parts of the face. Washing with face cleansers strips the delicate skin of necessary moisture, plus, it irritates the skin, causing inflammation. Too many years of this, and you may find yourself battling not only wrinkles, but also eczema. Use a mild, water-based eye makeup remover to remove eye makeup, or an oil-based one if you wear heavy or waterproof eye makeup.

4) WASH YOUR NECK LIKE YOU WASH YOUR FACE. To avoid having an old person’s neck, treat your neck and decolletage like your face. Wash with your face cleanser, and apply products there as well. Trust me, your nearly 50 year old self will thank you for it.

Off to make the hand sanitizer! #themoreyouknow

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  1. What about using the microfiber cloths and water to remove mascara? Is that too much rubbing? (yeah, I said it!) Thanks.

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