Thanks to Bad Ass Coffee, I just ate a breakfast burrito that was so good, I ate the whole thing, which means now I have to sit down for a sec, so I thought I’d be productive and talk to you about crepey skin.

When your skin becomes crepey, it has begun thinning, which happens as you age. There are 20 million products on the market that claim to magically fix crepey skin, and I am here to tell you they’re all full of shit. I won’t speak for procedures done at medspas or by doctors, but I will tell you that topicals have very limited effectiveness against it. Most of what’s on the market has ingredients that plump the skin temporarily by bringing water to the area, but the effect is only temporary.

To combat thinning skin topically, look for ingredients like retinol and other collagen synthesis-stimulating peptides, hyaluronic acid, and/or caffeine. You can also stimulate collagen synthesis using alpha hydroxy acids. However, these actives will NOT eradicate the crepiness, the best you can hope for is a minimal improvement, because topicals simply can’t fix the problem. These ingredients will help a bit, but don’t expect miracles.

Products I make that contain actives to stimulate collagen synthesis include Time Rewind serum and body butter, New 20 Night and Eye creams and serum, City Skin night cream, and Skin Tight night cream. Again, I need to remind you that even my products, as good as they are, will not eradicate crepey skin.

This seems like a good time to mention that despite what marketing tells you, topicals can only be so effective. There is no magic potion that will reverse a lifetime of bad skin decisions. Rather than waste your $$ on expensive bullshit, save your money for surgical options if your skin issue is that important to you. But for the love of all that’s holy, don’t give Big Skincare any money for bullshit creams that won’t do anything for you.

Ok, gonna go roll myself into the lab and try to be productive! #themoreyouknow

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  1. Could you clarify when and where should we use Skin Tight vs. Time Rewind? Thanks 🙂
    A fair-skilled Gen Xer (50+ and perimenopausal, baby!)

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