Since sun protection is on everyone’s mind right now, I wanted to talk about the importance of antioxidants in your sun care routine. Using sunscreen is vitally important to keeping your skin protected from UV damage, but the addition of antioxidants really takes it to the next level. It has been shown that antioxidants can mitigate intracellular damage from UV exposure (here:…/pii/S1087002415305128; here:…/antioxidants-plus-sunscreens…; here:

These are just a sampling of the articles out there.) when used in combination with a sunscreen product. By applying a layer of antioxidant-rich product underneath your sunscreen, you are adding in extra protection from the damaging effects of UV. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals produced by exposure to UV, they help reduce inflammatory activity in cells exposed to UV, and they also help protect from UV-induced DNA mutations. Besides sunscreen, antioxidants are your skin’s best friend.

You may have noticed that when you order sunscreen from me, I usually include a sample of either Mega Antioxidant Serum, City Skin Serum, and/or Mega Antioxidant Lotion with it. The extra protection provided by the antioxidants is why I do this. Many of you have asked why they can’t be combined into one product. There are two reasons: first, because the sunscreen ends up trapping a good deal of the antioxidants on top of the skin, rather than allowing them to be absorbed so they can do their job; and second, because adding antioxidants at an appropriate concentration to the Summer Lovin formula destroys the emulsion and results in separated water and oil phases. Not cute. Some of you have asked for a spray or other form of antioxidant product that isn’t a lotion or serum. Sadly, antioxidants are only stable in oils, not aqueous environments, so I can’t make them sprayable unless you want to spray yourself with oil, which doesn’t seem like a better solution than layering two lotions. Antioxidants oxidize very quickly (cause it’s their job) in polar environments, and in their oxidized form, can be dangerous or irritating. #themoreyouknow

Give your skin some extra protection with:

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