About Dr. Jen

Everyone knows me as Dr. Jen, a moniker I picked up when I had a storefront in Seattle for several years. I am not an MD, I have a PhD in biophysics and biochemistry, hence the ‘Dr’ moniker (tbh, it makes me squirmy to be called Dr outside of a conference or a job interview, but it has caught on, and I can’t stop it now). I did my undergraduate work in pathogenic microbiology. Since 2007, I have been involved in creating skincare and cosmetics products that are safe, but also that work. My focus is on safety and efficacy, not on ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ or whatever other marketing terms for woo bullshit they’re using today. My products have been created and developed by me, and are made by me in my Beauty Lab in weird-ass Rio Rancho, NM.

I left my super-fun job playing with lasers to pursue this business because I was floored to learn that the personal care market in the US is largely unregulated, and as a result, products with questionable or outright dangerous ingredients are freely available. (Remember that whole ‘asbestos found in kids’ cosmetics at Claire’s story?) Once I started formulating and interacting with clients, I discovered that people had been told so many lies about how to deal with their skin that they had no idea what to use on it, and most folks were fucking up their skin using the wrong thing, or using it incorrectly. That’s when I added education to my mission as a company. I aim to provide you with a user’s manual for your skin, so that you are able to choose safe products that will help your skin stay healthy. I regularly post information on skin-related topics and try to explain with as little jargon as possible what is happening to your skin, and how to deal with it. I am always available to answer your questions about your skin, or read labels for you. My goal is to render myself obsolete, in that you will know what you need to purchase appropriate products for your skin.

Besides developing formulas, making product, and educating folks about their skin, I try to do things for you that other companies don’t/won’t. For example, I offer the option of having your product reformulated for free (even shipping is free) if you have a reaction to it, or don’t like it for some reason. I offer fragrance free versions of all my products, and I don’t scent my makeup at all. If you know you are sensitive to something in one of my products, you can simply tell me, and as long as it doesn’t destroy the emulsion stability, I will take that ingredient out for you, free of charge. I can reverse engineer discontinued makeup colors. I also keep track of your sensitivities/preferences, so even if you forget to order something the way you like it, I will remember, and send the preferred product/scent/etc. Basically, I try to do the opposite of what I experienced at dept store skincare and makeup counters.

If you came here thinking I am some crystal-waving, new age homeopathy company, I am so sorry, you are in the wrong place. Science-free bullshit is not my thing. I don’t harvest rose water by the light of a full moon. I don’t care about the ‘energetics’ of products, I think essential oils are largely bullshit, and if you try to argue with me using youtube videos or Wikipedia entries, I will not hold back. I do my best to provide you with factual, helpful information about your skin, not some shit about how your chakras are misaligned.